Psychological help during the Coronavirus Outbreak

We have found ourselves in difficult times of Corona virus pandemic. The outbreak of the virus created new harsh reality for every nation on the unknown scale. The community of psychologist and psychotherapist offers free help especially to those on the front line of this crisis, those directly affected of negative effects of coronavirus epidemic in the Netherlands.

Our help is directed to:

  • Medical personnel and service workers dealing in the first line
  • Quaranteened people – people facing difficulties in these hard times due to limited access to mental health services
  • People who have limited access to mental health care

Members of our team are certified professionals working in psychological/psychotherapeutic sector in The Netherlands.

All of our members have full academic background according to requirements of the profession of psychologist/psychotherapists listed by the Ministry of Health. All of our members carry experience from their functions working within mental health institutions across our country. Acting out of need to need to contribute in such crisis situation we want to provide our experience and skills to ease everyone who found himself in need.

We will provide our help free of charge offering 3×30/50 minutes consultations over phones/Skype.

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Our volunteers

I am a psychologist by profession and passion. I graduated from the University of Social Psychology in Warsaw. I have a gift to connect easily and synchronize with my recipients with empathetic manner. My areas of excellence are: crisis intervention and short term RBT therapy as well as burnout and stress or trauma related problems.

M KillamMiletta Killam, Psychologist | Crisis & Intervention

Irene Anggreeni is a licensed creative arts therapist, soft skills trainer & founder at Expat Wellbeing. As a mental health professional, she helps her clients develop and apply life skills through creative, embodied (not just talk) and empowering experience. She is also a Corporate Wellness consultant, helping companies prevent dis-ease and (mental) ill health with measurable results.

IreneIrene Anggreeni, Psychotherapist | Arts Therapist

Experienced Clinical Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Certified Cognitive Therapist and Diplomate of Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT). PhD candidate at Dept. Clinical, Neuro and Developmental Psychology with Research Focus in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neurobiological Stress reactivity in Addiction.

InsanInsan Firdaus, Psychologist | Cognitive Therapy

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